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stuff for sale

i typically buy, and never sell,

its time to sell off some of my stuff


polaroid procam  untested, $50

polaroid 1step with a bunch of old film $25

pentax auto110 camera, winder, tele, wide and normal lens, teleconverter
bunch of filters
bunch of film

toyo cx “KIT”

camera, recessed lens board, flat lens board, speed graphic to cx lensboard ( RARE, NOT MADE ANYMORE ) bag bellows  $800


silver magnets – 70$

trickle tanks  – 216$


cameras made to order to make retina prints  ( prices vary ) $30 and up

reproductions of original photography ( )

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negative printing service

so, you are over a certain age, you know what old fashioned photographs are.

you know about or have heard about or have

seen a shoe box full of photographs that are tucked away in a closet, under the bed, in a cabinet

or in the basement … someplace, or maybe the prints are in a photo album.

they are physical objects, they are something you can hold in your hands, look at and enjoy.

until only a few years ago people sent film out to be developed

and it was returned in one of those envelopes that held negatives and prints.

nowadays some people probably bring a memory card down to the kiosk and fumbled with

the software, that’s great.  its important to make prints.

but, it can be a pain in the neck to make prints.

maybe you bought the ink jet printer and the prints don’t look like whats in the camera,

it makes the photos look all green or magenta or blue.  or maybe you bring your memory card

to the pharmacy and use the kiosk software, but is time consuming and a pain, and

even though they don’t come out all green or blue, the prints still don’t look like you hoped,

now, the files might be in the camera, or a full memory card, or usb drive

or on the computer and never printed.  sure, the images are sometimes shared on social media

but they are never seen or printed because the experience is so frustrating.

i have solution:  contact ME.

send ME your files and i will have the prints made for you.

i will do the photo editing and bring them to a lab i trust, you will get 4×6 or 5×7 prints.

i will send you a bill, and ship them to you.

you can put the prints in a frame, or give them as presents to family and friends, or put them in

photo albums or the shoe box, and pass them on.

cellphones + tablets

i know cellphone images, and iPad images are sometimes not what they seem.  they seem HUGE, like 90,000×45,000

but in reality they are about 3×4” if printed at a lab.  what if you want something bigger than 3×4?

I have a solution:  contact ME.

i will edit and enlarge cellphone images too so you can have 4×6 or 5×7” prints.

why send them to me?

i have been using photo editing software since the 1990s, and i have a lab that i trust.  i have worked

as a professional photofinisher, i am used to the whole process that might be a PITA to you.

i don’t mind editing and adjusting to make the images look good, and i will pass my 20+ years experience to you.

and … if you are interested in something a little special like a cyanotype print made from your digital files,

i will do that as well. convert your color images to black and white, we can work together

and i can send you the photographs or photo illustration you want.

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until dec 1 2015 50% of all donations given to the RI food bank

if you have been following me for a little while, you probably know that for a handful of years

i have been donating $ earned from sale of my photography to charity.  through the generosity of others

and the purchase of my photography, i have given somewhere between $500 adn $700 to a handful of charities

from doctors without borders and the japan society ( the haitian earthquake and japanese earthquake / tsunami )

to one great hour of sharing and the ri food bank ( hurricane sandy, and local relief )

well, its that time again.  until dec 1st i will be donating 50% of all profits from sale of my photography on

to the ri food bank.  my work can be found through the “buy my art” banners on my website or by clicking  or my storefront

there is a great variety of work there, some streetscape views, abstracts, experimental, the only thing i don’t put up there are portraits.

thanks !

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if you are reading this blog entry

you probably have either randomly found me through

a web search or site aggregator or you found info about me and

photography / gear  i am selling and donating some of the proceeds to


so what is this all about you might ask  …

well, since the earthquake in haiti i started selling photographs, first on ebay + ( THANKS SEAN ! )

and then i set up an account on  i have sold handfulls of photographs, and gear and donated

a portion ( sometimes all of it, sometimes half, sometimes inbetween ) to charity.

doctors without borders – japan society – one great hour of sharing – ri food bank

in all i have donated over $500 because of people who bought things from me

and i in turn helped others with some of the sale.

so before i go on … thank you !

now  …

i am selling some camera equipment and i am always selling photographs.

the camera i am selling is a toyo view camera.

you can see it here:

i am also selling roasted coffee for caffenol developer ( you can read about it here see more info on )

and i am selling photographs printed to any size you might want ( 40×60 canvases to small 8×10 ) loose prints, posters, canvas prints.

i have almost hit the 460 mark on imagekind.  you can see my work on imagekind here >>

if you are an analog purist the images printed through imagekind are not hand printed but printed with ink, if you are interested in a hand printed image

feel free to contact me ( ) and if the negative still exists i will do my best to make a hand-printed photograph for you.

thanks !


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for sale ? been asked that quite a bit

people who see my work on the internet and in person or at a show often times ask  me

” hey, john, aside from here in this gallery are your photographs for sale ?  where can i find them if i wanted to buy one”

i tell them that it is ALL for sale!

and then i tell them where they can buy the photographs soon after that …

there are a few places now that sell my photography.  more than 400 photographs, of mine are sale on

there are 2 ways to find me there..  the first is my “storefront”  its address is

the second way to get me is by searching for me on the main site:

i am also selling m work ( some of the same images ) at

if you search for me there ( nanian )  you will find a selection of my work there.  either way works …

they both get commission, they both pay me in greenbacks, it works out well …  BUT

the images of mine they  sell are not the original image, they are printed with ink on paper or canvas

some small images, some very  big ones ( 40×60 ) …

i don’t usually sell the originals …  they are usually single edition images or they don’t exist sometimes.

often times the image is a hand painted cyanotype, it is much smaller than the 40×60 image printed by imagekind or pure photo,

usually about 4×5″ …  or the image is a glass or metal plate, also very small ( the biggest so far has been 5×7 )  or it is a retina print

which can’t usually be saved because its slow self destruction happens as soon as i scan it ..  seeing the images can’t be fixed very easily.

i still make enlargements and contact prints and can sell them, so if you see something you like, just let me know ands we can figure something out !

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sumatra coffee for caffenol c, and kits for sumatranol c

if you have been following me here at all you know for 7 years i have been processing

my film in caffenol c ( and caffenol 130 )

and you know that a few decenbers ago i began roasting my own 100% robusta sumatra beans

that i use for sumatranol 130 film and paper develper

i can’t really sell these on flickr’s caffenol pages but i can here


1lb of sumatra coffee developer coffee for 9.50$ USD + shipping

ilb will have 40 tsp of coffee in it so that is a ton of caffenol.

i will also sell you a pre-measured kit for sumatranol c

it has measured amounts of coffee, washing soda and vitamin c.


the difference between sumatranol c and other coffee developers is that YOU BREW THE COFFEE

the coffee does not dissolve into the water like with instant …

also you are getting 100% ROBUSTA COFFEE, so won’t get a weak coffee developer with arabica beans.

arabica might be good for drinking, but it doesn’t work with film and paper.

lL kit for sumatranol c is 9.50$USD

if you want to make it “130”  add ansco 130 in it, 15-20cc / 1L

you can make t “72” by adding dektol  …  it only takes a little but it does wonders.


sumatranol 130

coffee developer for sale !

photos using coffee
paper negatives, expired film, its all good

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silver magnets for sale

i sell these on apug, the large format page site and to anyone who is interested

before i started distributing these i worked for a company that sold silver recovery systems..

this was i the 1980s ..  they were very expensive.

i was amazed at how people just dump their fixer down the drain which is bad for the environment and bad for their pipes, and septic system

so i looked into a cost effective way to reclaiming the silver.

the silver magnet is a small device that electro plates the silver onto a cathode.  it is the small version of the big 500$ machines i used to sell .

it works with spent fixer, not one shot fixer, or stuff that “hypo check” turns cloudy.  do a clip test, when it takes 2x the original clear time with fresh fixer

it is time to use the magnet.  that mean when you have new-fresh fixer take a film leader and in room light see how long it takes to turn that film clip to see through plastic base

if it takes 30 seconds ..  then when it takes 60 seconds to do the same thing.  i suggest people use 2 fixer baths both for film and for paper.  do the clip test with the film …

double that clear time and split it between 2 baths  ( 30 seconds  … so 30 seconds each bath )  for paper, well, fix for what the manufacturer says to fix for ( split it between 2 baths ),

but use the clip test to determine when the fix is exhausted with silver …

you take your spent fixer put it into a plastic container ( those dollar store shoe boxes are great )  and you will see the lights turn on, and when it is in the fix 1 turns off.

when the 2nd light turns on again take the magnet out and your fixer will still have silver in it but not nearly as much as it did before.

i also sell trickle tanks that will remove nearly all the silver …  it uses a media tank full of steel wool and the spent fixer exchanges silver ions with iron ions …

it can get you down to between 5 and 2 or below parts  / million.

oh, when the magnet is full of silver you mail it to a refiner and they send you a check for the silver.  they charge a fee, and  the silver on it is about 90% pure.  depending on who it is sent to, refining fees vary.  in the states if you mailed thr magnet to the refiner they might give you $1/troy ounce ans 1,75(90%) of the weight of the silver mailed to them.

refiners in canada may give you about 68-69% for the weight of the cathode ( in troy oz )

and in england it is a bit different .. you will be charged a refining fee as well as the sample fee  ( tests the silver for its purity ).

using the magnet will not make you rich, but it will help you reduce the silver you put into the waste stream



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I will be donating 50% of all profits to Hurricane Sandy Relief ( until 2013 )
I have 300+ images in my IMAGEKIND gallery ( )
thanks ~

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thank you for  visiting my work on imagekind

all proceeds were donated to benefit

people in japan

i was able to donate nearly $200

thanks again !

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