tmy 400 retina film negative

like the last image i uploaded

this one is also on photographic film

black white kodak tmy 400.

great film for all around photography.

it is also a nice film for making 2 hour long exposures.

2:30-4:30 sunday nov 27

made with a speed graphic and ilex seminat lens ( at 3.5 )

outside was bright, the plant was backlit, with very little room light on it

after 2 hours i grabbed the film and scanned it and inverted it, and tweaked the levels a bit

( i made a large slow scan and the film was extremely grey from the light beam )

instead of cropping the junk out of the image, i cropped the image in the film.


here it is:

retina image (film )

2 hours, inverted+levels tweaked in photoshop


it is kind of interesting that i was exposing this image today because i was having a online conversation on apug about transparancy of naming images and processes.

i found it strange that some folks make commercial photo paper paper negatives and refer to them as calotype or salt prints or talbot types and was asking what other people thought about

people.  and i was questioned about why i call these long exposed images retina prints.  a link to a post here was posted into the thread

and it was suggested that i am less than honest about how i describe these images.  it was suggested that these images, even just the negative is so different from

Nicéphore Niépce’s original process that it isn’t truthful that i call them the same thing.  it was suggested that i do not say the images were scanned

or inverted in photoshop,or that i tint the images in photoshop sometimes and add color,which all seemed a bit strange seeing i can’t imagine how i would get the images

on the internet without scanning them, and whenever i talk about these images i say they were inverted in photoshop &c.

maybe i shouldn’t call them retina prints?  but i can’t really think of what else to call them seeing they are pretty much the same thing

except i haven’t used salted paper, but have used everyting else under the sun ( glass, metal, plastic paper coated with bottled emulson or home made emulsion,

store bought photo paper ( rc or fiber based ) as well as color and black and white film.  maybe it is because the thing i am scanning is the retina image

and i don’t come right out and say “a scan of”  seems like it is implied whether i say it or not.  maybe i will just call them long exposed photographs instead

of a name game.

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